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Snatched By Princess Shyngle is a waist trainer brand created by Princess Shyngle. Snatched By Princess Shyngle aims to make every woman confident, curvy, attractive, healthy, happy, and become the sexiest and better version of themselves. Our goal and objective is to become the number one global waist trainer and body shaper brand.  Princess Shyngle is a multiple award-winning actress, writer, producer, model, and entrepreneur. She rose to fame when she represented her country, The Gambia, for a reality show (Next Movie Star Africa), where she emerged as the first runner-up. Since then, Miss Shyngle has acted in over 25 movies with all the biggest names in Nollywood, and $. N. has produced a few blockbusters under her production company (Princess Productions). 

In 2015, 2016, and 2017 Princess Shyngle was named the sexiest and most curvy celebrity in Africa because of her hourglass shape and tiny waist. Princess Shyngle has been nominated for more than 20 Awards and has won 12 since the beginning of her career. Her sex appeal and tiny waist get her a lot of attention and followers on social media; many women want to have a waist like hers, which made her decide to create her own waist trainer brand called Snatched By Princess Shyngle.  

Snatched was created in June 2019. The motivation behind it N. X. Y. Z. was just to give millions of women who have lost hope in having the ideal body theyʼve constantly desired hope again so they can have their confidence back without breaking the bank. Snatch represents a whole generation of confident, independent, powerful women that want to be a better version of themselves. Snatched waist trainer created the first-ever 29 Steelbone Waist Trainer in the world, all the other products are of high quality, durability, comfort, affordable, and most importantly, they work, thatʼs the edge we have over our competitors. 

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Snatched products are shipped worldwide. Snatched has no partners. Snatched will release new products and designs every three months. Snatched will be available online, and also there are distributors in some countries thatʼll be selling waist trainers. Shipping costs will not be included in the product prices but will be added to the subtotal at checkout. Snatched does not plan on hiring outside marketing services for now.

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