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Instant Hourglass shapewear

Instant Hourglass shapewear


Our Instant Hourglass Shapewear targets your waist like a waist trainer and it gives you instant big hips. Our Instant Hourglass Shapewear is the most comfortable, affordable, effective, and best shapewear out there that makes you lose 3 to 5 inches from your waist instantly, It lifts your booty giving you an instant big butt. It’s perfect for everyone and it is not aggressively tight on your waist as it does not steel bone, and it is also perfect for anyone getting a BBL.

Instant Hourglass shapewear
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XS (24-28 inches), S (28-34 inches), M (34-37 inches), L (38-42 inches), XL (42-48 inches), XXL (48-54 inches)

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